img_8890Beds are not so comfortable at the An Bรณthar but we managed a reasonable night. They ran out of hot water by morning too, must have been too many hot baths last night.

The weather in the morning however is well packed up. High wind and rain, quite a contrast from sitting outside last night, or even the evening sun sining in the window as we lay bed.

Peter Galvin of rose once more to the occasion and arranged transport for us to visit Dingle (even the keenest of our walkers have wisely decided against crossing the mountain). Startlingly several other groups set out into driving rain, gale force winds and uncertain visibility, personally I'd have said this was madness.

img_8895Dingle is not a place of huge interest on a wet day unless you have a huge appetite for Irish tat. It's certainly scenic with a high cutesie factor but from the non shopper point of view little to commend it. We did get good Brettan crepes however.

Our trip over the Connor Pass to Cloghane was dodgy as the fog on the one lane road was pretty serious. Fortunately our driver knew the way! The weather is still no better when we arrive so it's a quiet afternoon at the O'Connor Guesthouse/Pub with the email and beer (this latter for the younger party, I don't need to fall asleep quite so early).