img_8874Cracker day today, Martin picked us up and took us to our various start points. The young ones are up for the 28km walk and the older contingent have decided to cut this down to a more rational 14km.

A couple of modest showers (it's Ireland after all) but the day is otherwise very pleasant. It's warm then cold then windy by turns. Very hard to keep wearing the same cloths without wanting to change every 10 minutes.

The short walk party spend an inordinate amount of time looking at stuff and generally poking about photographing the fabulously rural and sea vistas. It's a great way to see this spectacular and empty part of the world. Almost the only group of people we see are the same group of Belgians every day but the Americans img_8879who were sharing the earlier part of the trip seem to have disappeared.

Finally we get to (sadly having been overtaken by the long party) at the An Bรณthar Pub and enjoy a couple of pints of reviving Guinness on arrival.

Dinner was a simple and huge meal but I have to confess to being almost asleep by 8pm.