Wales 2009

img_7468A warm and sunny day takes us through Wantage, Tewskbury (a lovely abbey) through Hereford and on the A438 to Pembridge. The pub there says accommodation but that is apparently not correct, however the publican recommends The Croft in the next village, Lyonshall, 3 miles from the Welsh border.

This proves to be an excellent choice, Annie makes us very welcome and the rooms are large and beautifully decorated. Very reasonably priced too. Contact them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dinner at the Royal George Inn is really the best pub meal I have had in a long time, try the Black Sheep pie with a pint of Black Sheep beer. Magic.


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img_7493A humungous and delicious breakfast is a great star for the day and we sally forth though the picturesque Elan Valley. It is lovely country with quiet, albeit narrow roads (except for one paricuar white van who tries to run us and himself of the road). The dams and roads are really great fun on the bike and our GPS takes us to some well out of the way spots.

There is no real opportunity for speed on most of them as you can't see what's coming and tany kamikaze sheep could could clearly become a problem.

Lunch at Tregaron comprises coffee and cake, junk food can be fun I tell you.

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img_7516Kippers for breakfast after a solid nights sleep is a real treat for me. I just love it. Don't miss that.

The cathedral at St Davids is another gem, according to the Rough Guide it's one of the 5 things you should see in the UK. I'd have to agree with this, although I'm not sure what the other 34 are. You left wondering at the great age and why the subsidence hasn't had it ruined yet. By the time we've seen the sights, had coffee and got mobile it's gone 11am.

The Pembroke coast road is listed as an attraction in it's own right and that too turns out to be true. We stop for lunch at Newport(?) and then on to the Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber. A mere 5500 years old this and you can only wonder how they got the 16 ton cap stone balanced there.

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dsc03566Don't have 2.5 pints of beer when the room has no en suite, it makes for an disturbed night.

The Beeches B&B has a yet another splendid breakfast and Ann makes us very welcome. A little wander around the town convinces us that we should stay another night (I have reservations but these will be resolved by minimizing beer input).

Pembroke Castle is something of a surprise, it's huge and a complete warren, you could easily lose your children here. It's a reconstructed ruin but none the worse for that despite the Rough Guide being a bit disparaging about it. We spent all morning wandering about with a surprisingly good lunch at the Unity Christian cafe opposite the entrance.

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img_7567Joan leaves for home today and I'm off to Cornwall to see an old chum from my youth. Ann from Beech House recommends the A40 as being the 'bikers road', this is part right and part wrong. The road is partly dual carriageway and is very busy. Being Saturday there are many of the 'go fast' bikers come out to play but it's not a patch on the mid week B roads.

Getting to the M4 is a very slow process as before starting we have an excursion to St McGovern's Chapel. A curious and tiny stone structure built into the cliffs and surrounded by a military firing range. It's very serene and on a nice day like this would repay a picnic. Of course by the time we leave the hords are starting to arrive including an intrusively noisy Mr Whippy (ice cream) van.

Getting to the M4 to cross the Severn bridge takes hours on the A40, and is slowed by the Usk Show which as attracted the rest of the Welsh population to come out in their cars and some confusion on my part about west and east.

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img_7573Cross country over Devon and Cornwall is a great way to go but surprisingly slow. I arrived ta my destination near Penzance at 4pm, six hours after starting but having negotiated a ford, with enough water to get my feet wet, and countless tractors engaged in a wide range of rural pursuits, mostly a game called 'stop the traffic and enrage the motorists'. You need to get good and safe at overtaking, it's amazing the risks some bikers are willing to take.

Dinner is fresh fish at The Atlantic Inn in nearby Porthleven. Noisy as the pub is chocka, very good though.

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Let me draw a veil over the return trip. Suffice it to say that Cornwall is a very long way from Surrey and involves much tedious riding in mad traffic. Best avoided Add a comment