IMG 0452We've booked for a hotel some way away in Olive, just south of Pamplona near the Pyrenees. The town is apparently very scenic and it's the closest we can find on the way we need to go to get back to the UK in a sensible time.

Google Maps says about 5:15 hours and the GPS nearer 6 hours if we avoid the coast road and the non scenic apartment block cities.

The times were probably very accurate as it turned out. A lot of the time was spent on twisty back roads interspersed with long sections of old national roads, sometimes paralleling the motorways and sometimes not. Hardly any traffic to speak of which was fantastic.


IMG 0457Apart from a complete failure to get a reasonable lunch - we were forced into a gas station sandwich which was quite inedible. We were about 7 hours elapsed.

The Hotel de Juglar is just out of town and seems very pleasant. Our host says there is a festival in town right now involving bulls and cows. We shall shower and go and have a look!


A fascinating evening. The locals are are out and about dressed in white and red for an evenings entertainment with the streets barricaded and several young heifers let out into the streets. The braver youth are taunting the beasts which are chasing them up and down the Main Street and into then around the town square.

The odds are stacked in favour of the young, more of them and lots of places to take shelter if they get it IMG 0465wrong. Apparently tomorrow evening there are bulls and doubtless more caution.

It's quite a spectacle but I don't really approve, it seems unnecessarily cruel to the cattle. Perhaps if the odds were a bit more even?