IMG 0455The rooms at the Hotel del Oso are quiet apart from the sound of the stream below which sounds like rain in the night. The result is that we sleep in until nearly 9 and don't get away 11:30.

Lunch at nearby Panes was a glass of water and a simple ham sandwich

Anyway it's a warm day in the Picos rising to over 30C in Potes. But our destination is the Garganta del Cares (Cares Gorge) with many popular walking trails. We pass these by and head up into the hills, strip off the bike kit (we have walking clothes underneath) for our own 30 minute walk through the gorge. It's not the Grand Canyon but it is very spectacular.


IMG 0454The road through the park peters out into gravel so we have to retrace our steps around the park and back to Cosgaya. The goats are one of the many hazards. 

We finally get back to the Hotel about 6pm and there are a large group of UK bikers who have plainly settled in at the bar. We scurry around and get showered and changed as it would not do to let them get too far ahead but this is in vain, they have way too much of a head start.

Dinner is again large and pretty good.