Road goes on foreverThe last day of the outward journey has to make Wanaka which should be an easy day's run compared with some I've done. The rain starts quite heavily in Invecargill just as I gear up after breakfast, this puts paid to my trip to see the world's fastest Indian as I can see blue sky away to the north.

I'd taken a bit of time to plan the route with Doreen this time and turn off the main road just after Winton. The roads from here to Old Mandeville are just fantastic as is the collection of antique, working De Haviland aircraft! This is a must see and the coffee is pretty good too. No idea how they make money out of this.

Pressing on Doreen takes the back way to Hinton and Roxburgh by way of fabulous, empty open roads, whow! It's something of a disappointment to get back on the main road to Alexandria. Lunch in Alex which is a nice little town and then on to Cromwell and over the Crown Range to Wanaka. This would rate as the best motorcycling day ever.