Empty CountryThis time it was quite as, until the man next doors alarm went off at 5:30. What is going on? Anyway they turned it off but then the shower. They could have been in my room, might have been more interesting. Seems all the plumbing at the Bella Vista (yes really) goes through room 2; my room; bugger!

Decided to pass on the aviation museum while the weather was good and made for Murcheson and the Lewis Pass. The roads are empty and enough turns and stuff to keep them really interesting. Much of the countryside is very reminiscent of Scotland, even the climate is similar. Today went from too hot in just the jacket and trowser shells to linings in, scarf on and heated grips on. Then back again.

The Ductai convention was heading the other way and I gather there were some 180 bikes, I must have waved at them all, lovely to see them. Had a look at Hamner Springs, interesting and very popular but I prefer Waiheke or anywhere with sea.

Even with the Air Hawk cushion by the end my arse had had enough of the seat. It was a long day in the saddle but such a great riding country, worth every moment. Again I was really glad of the GPS come Christchurch, it just makes getting to place an absolute doddle.