TurbineThe problem with the central city, any central city, is the noise. If it's not traffic it's dustbins being thrown around either by drunks or dustmen  in the early hours. Quest on the Terrace backs onto some sort of overpass and the traffic builds up at  5am. I can vouch for this.

5:30am but wait, I have the most expensive earplugs money can buy, what if I put them in my ears?

BLISS! Up around 8:30, something of a sleep in.

Wet this morning in Wellington so no rush, a quite day with some email and a coffee in town seemed to be in order rather than dicing with greasy roads. Took a little tour up Mt Victoria and a lady recommended the view from the Turbine (picture). She was right.

The ferry was slightly late but they had sent me a text message so no unnecessary waiting. Met a lady with a fabulous '91 Ducati, drool. Aparently there's a Ducati rally this weekend in the South Island.

30km to Blenhiem and an excellent steak dinner.