IMG 2917Breakfast at the Watery Mouth cafe? Just down the road from the Lugano is very good and we head off up the Wairau Valley (route 63) towards Westport. A bit of drizzle bodes ill but the forecast has it right and we are soon away from the rain.

Top House, the historic hotel, is our first stop for a cup of tea but mine host, Nigel Phoenix, is a real entertainment and we stay for lunch so as to hear his tales of the Top House history. This is a not to be missed experience. We got the full tour and have promised to stay next time.

Another great run through the Buller Gorge down to Westport where very surprisingly several of the motels have 'no vacancy'. Like the extraordinarily good weather this is not something I'd expected. The local iSite pointed us at the Buller Bridge Motel which is friendly and spacious.

IMG 2920Next stop dinner at the Town House which is also first rate but what seems a long walk from our hotel. What are the restaurants so far from the motels I wonder?