IMG 2898Another glorious autumn day with quite a bit of wind but not much cloud about. We can see from the odd high stratus cloud that the bad weather is on the way. We'll take a good look at the forecast tonight to decide on the best route south.

Breakfast at the Cafe Express in the square is excellent (although they have been taking 'guys' lessons from the Lone Star staff) but we both feel that Palmerston North missed a trick by not keeping the train running through the town. The enormously ugly council buildings are however worthy of note just to see why councils should not be allowed to engage in any sort of town planning activity.

Being well early today, again thanks in part to the demise of daylight saving, we have time to visit the Southward Motor Museum at Paraparaumu. This is a place I've passed on numerous occasions and thought it's probably a few old cars in a shed. Not so, it's world class with a huge range of fabulous cars and bikes. If you are at all interested in old vehicles this is a must see.

It's just a short trip to the ferry and we've timed it pretty well for getting onto the ferry without a long wait.

Once again we are staying at the Lugano in Blenheim which is under new management, their first day but they have a room so we're sorted there. Dinner at the Raupo is excellent and the service first rate, another win.