img_2333The coastline north of Kaikoura is awash with seals and you get surprisingly close to them when you pull up. They have apparently had trouble with some type of low life attacking the seals, it is hard to understand what motivates pond scum like that.

There is certainly a characteristic pong where the seals live.

An early lunch at Figaro's in Blenheim was very nice and they ran it through quickly for us so we would not be too late for the ferry at Picton.

The big and unpleasant surprise was how much traffic there is in the North Island, you get used to the quiet roads in the South.

img_2339You shouldn't expect a lot from Palmerston North on a Sunday night but we did get lucky and stumbled upon the Barista, an excellent cafe in George St near the Square. The lamb rump is delicious. There is a Sunday afternoon 'high tea' and if dinner is any guide the tea should be great.

Another identical Bella Vista bed awaits our attention.