A big day with not much to write about. Oamaru to Kaikoura via Timaru and the outskirts of Christchurch. Various nice coffee stops on the way but nowhere really to write about. The roads are fast with lots of morons driving (you can only wonder where some of them get their licenses).

The Bella Vista in Oamaru turns out to be directly opposite the AA who provide replacement number plates. Sadly their computer will not countenance a small plate for the trike so I now have a pair of large (car) plates. Needless to say the holes in the plate don't match the holes in the trike so the whole lot is in the cargo bay as our teeth are not up to the job of drilling the necessary holes.

We did get breath tested on our way into Kaikoura which came as a surprise. Luckily Mary volunteered about the broken numberplate before we drove on so the policeman was very understanding.

Due to the lateness of the arrival we'd phoned ahead and booked the Bella Vista in Kaikoura which is a pity as it's on the main road instead of the picturesque waterfront. We thought of changing but that would have been unfair and they are very nice people (he's another biker).

Whale watching tomorrow and hopefully crayfish tonight.

Later. AOK for the crayfish at the Sonic. The place itself is a bit unprepossessing but the dinner was huge and actually very good.