img_2228Just back in after a splendid evening at The Point at Kaka Point. Paddy, mine host there, is a mine of information about the district and happy o have a drink and a chat.

The run though the Catlins is great fun. We stopped at only a small number of the possible attractions including Waipapa Point, the scene of NZ's worst civil shipping disaster in 1881 when 131 lives were lost.

Curio Bay is an awesome collection of petrified trees laid out on a kind of coastal shelf where the Southern Ocean is aiming to do some serious damage.

img_2248The Purakanui Falls were a bit disappointing due to the (apparently) low rainfall recently. You can see in the publicity shots how they look at other times but sadly not today.

The highlight of the day was last. Nugget Point is really the most incredible set of small islands with waves crashing in all directions. Clearly the seals don't care and the penguins may or may not but they are very hard to see.

From a motorcycle point of view there is quite a lot of gravel, I'd guess 25kms today but it is all optional. I only had one scary moment and that was more lack of confidence than an actual real scare. However I might pass on any more gravilons for a day or so.img_2257

Very comfortably ensconced at the Nugget View & Kaka Point Motel it has to be said that it's still very cold! The good news is that it makes packing the panniers much easier as we are wearing most of our kit.