img_2098Rain overnight had cleared this morning and we set off on the Scenic Southern Route (or whatever it's called) towards Invercargill.

The temperature is well down on the recent past and is (variously) between 9 and 16 degrees, more often at the lower end. Linings and thermals are deployed for the first time this trip and are only just enough when it starts to rain somewhere North of Tuatapere.

The days highlight was the Yesteryear cafe in Tuatapere. Two old girls (well older than us) have collected an array of old items from the first half of the 20th century and earlier. Old ranges, kitchen equipment, radios (they are even playing records on a radiogram).

img_2104The mince on toast that Steve at Real Journeys recommended was every bit as good as he said. Just splendid. This alone is worth the trip.

Fortunately we spent enough time in Yesteryear (talking to the ladies and a German/American couple from Seattle) that the rain had passed and we were able to carry on without getting wetter.

It has to be said that the climate here is dreadful, you can see in the photo what the incessant wind does to the trees.

Sadly we passed quickly through picturesque Riverton, at the time we wanted to just get it all over with, before we froze to death. and ended in Invercargill at another Bella Vista. I was able to coerce Mary into Bluff for a short visit and Sterling Point is quite charming. You'd probably give the town a swerve though.img_2105

The newly reopened HMS Kings fish shop is another excellent choice for dinner, not very busy on a monday night but then nor is the city......