img_1865A flying start and gone just before 10am (!) and off to Fox for a brief look at the glacier there. The road down to Haast went though various types of weather ranging from drizzle to hot sunshine and some difficulty deciding how much kit to wear. The day finally decided on hot as we went inland

We had hoped to go to Jackson about 50km south of Haast to join friends for lunch at the Cray Pot Cafe there but it became clear to us once at Haast an extra 100km return would be well beyond us so reluctantly we stopped for lunch at the Fantail Cafe in Haast.

Our recommendation would be to take a picnic lunch for the day and enjoy it at one of the many fabulous beauty spots you'll go by. The fantail is a mistake. Soggy sandwiches, instant coffee it claims expresso but that's not credible and nasty music (apologies to Abba and Doris Day but neither have ever been a favorites of ours)

There can be no question that this road is one of the best bike roads in the world. The views are stunning, the surface, in the main, not bad – you do have to watch for gravelons – little traffic although some of it's unpredictable and did I mention the scenery?img_1885

There are lots of points of interest and I suspect you could have several days on this run alone. We chose to take a walk to the Blue Pools, 30 minutes return and very worth while. We'd have spent at least 30 minutes getting our motorcycle kit off and secured to the bikes and then reversing the process. Take water and insect repellant to deter the sandflies.

Lake Wanaka was just a picture, mirroring the mountains and the road down to the town an absolute joy. Cooler kit would be the only request.

No update for Thursday and Friday, we're having a couple of days off in Wanaka with old friends.......