img_1805The weather gods are still smiling and the initial overcast breaks up rapidly. Our day this morning is to be a trip on the Mt Cook ski plane ( around Mt Cook with a landing on the Tasman Glacier on the other side of the divide.

There's a bit of initial uncertainty about the weather but we are off the ground just before 10am from a very rumpy strip with a nasty power cable at one end. I rather wonder what (apart from price) is the problem with the Franz Josef field nearby.

The trip is fabulous and pretty smooth too, only marred by the lack of headsets for the passengers. The Cessna 185 is quite a noisy beast and it's very, very hard to hear the pilots commentary, not to mention the risk of hearing damage. Take ear plugs.

The highlight landing on the glacier has to be repeated as, since there are no brakes, the plane tends to continue sliding downhill. Craig gets it to stop on the third landing! img_1819No complaints from us on this score and no I didn't get to have a go.......

The further bonus is that one of the planes from the Mt Cook side is also coming to the glacier to swop with the one we are in so we have to wait about (oh the hardship) and watch the other one arrive.

Overall we are away for about 2 hours. A very worthwhile experience and one neither of us would want to have missed.

Back on the ground again we have lunch in town and collect the bikes to head out to the bottom of the glacier. The walk is about 1 hour 30 minutes from the carpark and mostly over the river bed. All well signposted and actually quite busy.img_1859