img_1666We thought a quiet run out to Karamea, another no exit road, and a second night in Westport would give us plenty of time but surprisingly nowhere near enough. You could do a couple of days here and not see it all.

Dennison (a ghost town since the coal mine failed 40 years ago) is much as we recall it from our journey 25 years ago except that today it was warm and sunny. DoC have been busy landscaping and the like and it's pretty nice if a bit ott. In many ways I rather like the spooks being left to themselves.

Granity a few km further on is charming and has a small cafe (also for sale, and looks to have been for some time), a theatre - The Lyric, and several arts & crafts shops. There is little traffic even on this fine sunday in late November so I rather suspect it might be a bit quiet?

img_1678We drive as far as the hugely scenic Karamia Bluffs and give it away without getting to Karamia itself (another 34km each way) and make our way back to see the fur seals at the aptly named Cape Foulwind. Another well worthwhile stop on such a fine day but you can only imagine what it's like mid winter.

Our selected venue for tonight, the Yellow House cafe & restaurant. appears to shut on sundays (the big CLOSED sign is a giveaway) so, kind of reluctantly, it's back to the Denniston Dog for dinner. Tonight is less crowded and actually not bad at all, the pork belly is excellent and overall it would rate as a 4 out of 5.

I have no idea how long it will take to get around the South Island but so far we have been nearly a week and only just started!