img_9422Another breakfast and Skype at the Moorings and we targeted Westport for tonights stop.

The road takes us around the edge of the Kahurangi National Park and is for the most part glorious and deserted, with a bonus of no trucks as it's Saturday. All along Old Highway 61 there are vast hop plantations and the road climbs steadily until it joins with the Nelson to Westport road.

Lunch at Murchison, opposite Hodgson's emporium is almost unbearable as the temperature has climbed to 29 degrees, eventually reaching over 30 degrees making things pretty uncomfortable in the motorcycle kit.

img_9427Eventually we drop down through the Buller Gorge and arrive in windy Westport where the temperature is a much more reasonable 21 degrees.

It's only when we get to the Bella Vista motel in Westport I discover that some of us don't know how to open the air vents on their helmets. That would make for a very hot head I'd say and a very moist T shirt.

The Dennison Dog was able to do an early dinner providing we ordered by 7pm as they had a Christmas party booking. I accepted the offer as who knows what other delights Saturday night in Westport has available.

Mary chose a 'stone grill', NZ's latest dinning sensation. You get to cook your own meal on a red hot square of rock, it was back to the sweat shop for her. I sat at the far end of the table.

We were asked by an elderly South African couple (well they were older than us anyway) if all restaurants in NZ were like this (rough pub style, noisy, pool table, you get the picture). We were able to say “well no” but I could see that they didn't really believe us.

It has to be said that the food was very good and the wine list excellent and reasonably priced by comparison with some we've had.