img_9390A restful night at the Lugano and a leisurely breakfast at the cafe on the corner got us out of the motel at only just gone 10. I can see it being difficult to get all the way around the South Island.

There seems to be a lot of traffic on highway 6, particularly large trucks but it's a nice road and we soon arrive in Nelson. The town is busy and pleasant with numerous cafes for lunch and Mary's CanAm attracts most of the crowds, we keep it in view while we eat.

We were only in Nelson in February so we move on quite quickly only stopping in South Street a historic area well worth a look for interests sake and for the pottery shop with a good range of local wares and $15 shipping around NZ.

Motueka is a small but busy town further east than Nelson in the same vast Tasman Bay. The Information centre has a charming and helpful staff and if, like us, you don't know the area isimg_9405 a must stop. We met the young woman who runs the skydiving here and heard her tale of woe of an unserviceable airplane now at the peak time of the year. Not much we can do to help her, one at a time out of the Zenair would be a slow way to make a buck.

The plan formed over lunch is to spend a couple of nights here, ideally in the one motel, so we can head up to Farewell Spit tomorrow and talk a walk on the dunes. We might even make the west coast but there may be gravel roads, anathema to the Spyder.

The rather pretentiously named Avalon Manor Motel turns out to be excellent, well appointed and with a laundry machine. Overall a good choice and the room is large enough for all our kit and a king size bed. Brilliant.

After a cup of tea we head out to Marahau at the Abel Tasman Park for a quick look see and a walk but we are defeated by the amount of gear that you need to securely stow before you can go anywhere. There's no way you want to trudge about in the sun wearing motorcycle clobber, it's just too hot. More img_9414planning will be required.

Our host, Jane has recommended the Gothic for dinner tonight, it has an interesting decorative theme being in an old Methodist church so that will be interesting, hopefully good food too, time will tell.

Dinner at the Gothic was different. We arrived at 7:30 to find they were just about to close, and had a short menu so the kitchen could go quickly. He turned away several couples then, at 8:30 accepted a party of three. All a bit incomprehensible but apparently the business is for sale and the kitchen is expensive to run. So they only accept parties of more than two and locals.

The business is for sale.