img_9375When it's too good to miss you don't want to miss it. Breakfast at Bella's is just as good as dinner and Alistair greeted us like an old friend. Even the parking warden was friendly and didn't give us a ticket (nor should he have we had bought a ticket but he would not have know that, where do you put a pay and display on a motorcycle?)

The drive out of town is a bit more salubrious than the drive in, serving to highlight the gulf between the haves and have nots hereabouts.

It's not a long drive to Wellington from “Palmy” and apart from a coffee in Paraparaumu uneventful.

There were quite a few bikes in the queue for the boat but one Ozzie woman set Mary's teeth on edge by telling her that she wouldn't be seen dead on a bike like that!. Not much worse that she could have said.

img_9387Another minor fracas with the ferry man, I gave him both reservations and he gave me one boarding pass. You have to book two bikes in two different reservations and this confused the poor simple soul. The first time this has happened? I think not.

A glorious day for the crossing but still quite a lot of swell and, unlike Sea France on the Channel, you have to tie your own bike down. Not a great hardship but you do get your hands dirty. Three wheels are better than two in this case as only chocks are required.

Blenheim on a sunny evening is second to none and we get a room at the Lugano (marred by expensive WiFi - not taken up). We make a reservation at the Raupo restaurant down by the creek (river if you're a local) and wander down town.

The Raupo service was a bit hit or miss, they were perhaps a bit understaffed but the meals were good so it was ok. Thankfully nobody asked us about dessert so we missed that.