IMG 0237Less perfect was the journey to the shipping company on our pristine bikes. 

The container port is in an industrial wasteland where the roads are unsealed and to lay the dust they have used water resulting in a sea of mud. It was impossible to get through this without covering the tyres and mudguards with dirt which will not be acceptable on our return.

Water is only available by getting one of the workers to go to the shower to fill a bucket so you can only start to imagine the difficulty of getting them to an acceptable standard. I doubt we managed but in any event they are now on their way. 

A quick check shows we have done over 6000km in the 4 weeks.

IMG 0242A rapid return to the hotel, shower, pack and a 2 hour minivan to Santiago to find no booking at the hotel Neruda. Luckily(?) they had rooms but only at a price..... we paid.

We've just had a walk around the local and a cup of coffee, booked a city tour for tomorrow, found tonights dining experience and decided on a quiet time before dinner.

Later. Dinner at Del Cocinero was a real experience. The restaurant (more what we would think of as a bistro) was about half full on a monday night. The service was excellent, the food delicious (we went for all three courses) and the courses were served by the chef and owner.

This is a place where they are proud of their food, with good reason, and they want you to enjoy it too. We were blown away.