IMG 0221Another crap night being dive bombed by mozzies and the residents of the room next door getting home at 4:30 confirmed our decision to "get out of Dodge". Mendoza is another city where a day is quite enough for us. More really. The winery area on the outskirts is much much nicer.

The first stop is at the Museo del Vino which we unfortunatly arrive partway though the last tour before they close for "lunch". Luckily they let us in for the last part of the tour where they looked at the antique machinery. Interesting but enough to confirm that we had seen wineries in action yesterday.

Nearby however is the Casa de Campo resturant where the set lunch is truely magnificent! An absolute delight and we had to squeeze in the dessert. This is a five star plus place as far as the food is concerned. Just wow.

IMG 0222The road out to Uspallata is scenic in the extreme. No those are not clouds but snow (mostly anyway) way way up above 6000 metres. Just stunning.

The final confirmation of our decision to continue and not spend another night in Mendoza is Los Condores hotel is much nicer and cleaner than the Balbi. The only snag may be that that there is no fuel here at the momen but more is expected. Let's hope it's not not manana.

Later. The walk around the town doesn't require much time but there are lots of knick knacks available and Mary takes full advantage!.

A drink in the bar, fill with petorl a decent dinner and we are good for the night.