IMG 0213Mary is still not feeling the best so I get two cooked breakfasts! I may have to consider my dietary options at the end of this trip.

The road out of town is long, straight, dual carriageway across the seemingly endless plain with the mountains way over to the west. The houses give way to shanties eventually and finally to agriculture then more scrub.

Grapes are obviously big business as there are truck after truck laden with them (as well as melons).

On the outskirts of Mendoza we turn off to Termas de Villavicencio, a park in the foothills of the Andes. The road is concrete and as bumpy as a washboard making Mary sick by the time we have traveled the 40+km to the lunch restaurant! It doesn't make any difference as apparently the restaurant has been closed for a year.

IMG 0214There are the remains of a big old hotel in the park but how or why it closed is a mystery. Mary is lucky enough to see a pair of foxes on the way out and get a photo.

Back down the concrete road and straight into Mendoza.

The outskirts are not promising with many shanties and trash strewn everywhere. Big heaps just out of town where it seems the locals go to dump it. As we get nearer the centre it does cleaner although the road surface remains cratered rather like the surface of the moon.

Later. Our search for one of the Tripadvisor restaurants takes us a good way around the centre of Mendoza. Many of the streets are wide tree lined boulevards with busy shops and footpaths. There has clearly been a lot of money spent at sometime in IMG 0215the past on cobbles and paving but it's all in need of work now and a good clean, there being little or no rain here the streets get dirty and stay that way.

The location given by Tripadvisor turned out to be a dark street opposite a car dealer. No sign of the restaurant. Sadly something of a recurring theme.

Plan B involved getting a taxi, not that hard but why did ours have to be illiterate and totally unable to read the map? Anyway I got him to understand more or less where we wanted to go and we were treated to a terrifying ride rather like something from Disneyland. Weaving, jumping lights, changing lanes randomly, nothing was too much trouble.

More astoundingly I told him "aqui" (here perhaps?) and he dropped us outside Anna Bistro as prayed for. A stiff drink was in order. Dinner was lamb but sadly tough. Disappointing as everything else was A1.