IMG 0211A day off the bikes for a bit of a change, welcome as now Mary has a dose of the bot too. I have a bad feeling that my turn may be coming, I hope not.

Anyway the hotel has a very nice breakfast, the beds comfortable and the rooms are conducive to a good nights sleep. The laundry servce is however very expensive (I can buy new T shirts and socks for less than the express service) and despite a call to have my essentials picked up no one appeared. I was stuck with it.

I don't like hand washing clothes and suddenly had a brilliant idea. Why not use the spa bath?

One reason could be that it's very important to have enough water in the bath to cover the water jets. Well cover, otherwise the water squirts in all directions around the bathroom and indeed over the occupants. 


IMG 0210After sorting this out you can see how well it worked but it does require attention to stop socks being sucked into the mechanism. Drying the clothes is simple by using the air conditioning to blow at the laundry as it drips onto the carpet.

I doubt that it's the most eco friendly option and if I was a hotellier I think I'd rather sharpen up the laundry service than have guests adopt the spa bath laundry system. Over to you Hotel Del Bono Park. (nice building design we thought)

The rest of the day was spent wandering around San Juan. There are many museums and suchlike but the town is a) big and b) closed in the afternoons. Overall the impression is that there is a lot of work needed to clean the town (rubbish everywhere) and things like the sidewalks are in serious disrepair, you could easily break a leg in some of IMG 0209the holes.

Later. Mary felt up to dinner and we ate at the little cafe in the nearby small shopping centre. The shops reopen here anywhere between 5pm and 8pm and stay open until 10pm or so.

It makes sense that in high temperatures people would not go shopping in the afternoon, not at outdoor shops anyway, but we watched for a couple of hours and very few went to these shops in the evening. Perhaps because it was tuesday?