IMG 0196Mary spent a very unhappy night with music blaring from the empty gas station, dogs barking, a donkey braying and single sheets on the double bed which I'm accused of stealing. I plead mitigating circumstances. Anyway not the happiest this morning. I love my earplugs even if they are not very fetching.

Over breakfast (a very sparse affair) it was agreed that we should spend a second night here rather than going to San Jose de Jachal as the hotel there is much worse than this one. The mind boggles.

So a run to the fairly nearby Cuesta de Miranda for a couple of hours. This was eventually baulked by huge road works with many gravelons as they are building a road through the pass. About 120km round trip.

TIMG 0197he big distances are made easy by what seems to be the absence of any speed limit, at least the absence of any speed traps to enforce it so on the nice bits cruising in excess of 120km is quite practical.

Mary and I went local for lunch, abandoning motorcycle kit, except for the hats and drove into town. The local children (and adults) are pretty keen on the Spyder and it causes a stir wherever we go.

IMG 0198The first restaurant managed to spend 15 minutes ignoring us but the second was less lucky. We went and got the menus and hit the waitress up with our order (roast chicken).

Lunch and dinner fare in Argentina is basically meat, meat or meat with your choice of potatoes, assuming you want either chips or mash. The egg on top is optional but widely practiced it seems.

This article published courtesy of the Villa Union Tourist Office who are hopefully aware that thier Wifi is open to the world.