IMG 0165Another late(ish) start allowing for a lie in, recovery from the OJ and a decent coffee in the plaza for me.

The 'town' is very slow to get out of as there is considerable ribbon development along the way. Mile after mile of increasingly scruffy homes and light industrial. Not much by way of planning here as far as anyone can see.

Finally we broke out into agricultural land, maize or sweet corn, tobacco (bastards) and such like. I missed several photo opportunities but mostly it was very hard to get a good picture due to the flatness of the land and the hedge rows. The major discriminator was the mountains all around, no snow on them but pretty big by anyones standard.

After a while this degenerated into a dryer scrub country and finally afer lunch we entered a 50 or 60km rocky gorge with the most amazing rock formations. The forces that built the Andes are indeed awesome in the true sence of the word. 

The first picture is of the "Devils' Throat" and the picture of me on the bike was taken by a random biker passer-by.

Another sunny day with 30C temperatures and of course feeling much hotter in the sun. The pool at the Hotel Asturias, despite being a bit in need of chemical was very welcome.

IMG 0163Later. The town is quite pleasant with a large plaza where we had a drink and dinner outside. A lovely balmy evening. 

Sadly not enough time to explore.