IMG 0131Nice hotel and a good nights sleep. The rooms on the road side are very noisy and having the window open is only an option for the congenitally deaf.

Rosco has arranged a brief ride out this morning to the monument marking the "Tropico de Capricorno" erected by Rotary and now in great need of some TLC and also La Portada, a hole in the rock natural bridge. It's both hot and sunny and I left my hat in the hotel.

One of our party takes the opportunity to embaress themselves by running out of gas. Since Mary or I will doubtless do something equally stupid they shall remain nameless unless our error appears in their blog!

IMG 0130The afternoon takes us to a very large nearby shopping mall for lunch and a look around. Luckily or otherwise the shoes Mary likes don't fit.

Dinner is a group affair at a Chinese buffet which is unfortunately not too popular tonight