IMG 0120Today is a bonus day off as we got our bikes earlier than anticipated. A good lie in after a solid nights sleep was welcome. 

Breakfast is simple and standard here and the instant coffee is hard to prise from the grip of our host. The people here at the Hotel Panoramico are friendly but there is much maintenance needed and the room is well overdue for a proper clean.

Discussing tomorrows agenda it seems the fuel stops are too far apart for the Spyder and an extra can of petrol will be required. Hopefully I can get it into my top box.

IMG 0121We left the rest of the to it and went to the National Park "Frey Jorge" about 35km south. The picture tells the story. The sign said 27km and we guessed in much the same way as it looks here. Too far to take a chance. 

Plan B was a nice lunch in plaza of the town we passed through yesterday, Ovalle. We also bought the Spyder some oil just in case.

Back in Tongoy by 4:30 and a walk around the little peninsular here. This is plainly a little holiday home settlement as well as a busy fishing port. I would guess there is a bit of resentment from the locals who have almost certainly found house prices pushed up beyond what they can afford. Hence the security fences and graffiti etc. Just a theory.

Trip advisor has some suggestions for dinner, none too miraculous but we are still betting we can do better than we have so far in Tongoy.


The first choice was not open (odd on a Friday night perhaps?) but La Pink was very good.  The soup was quite incredible with much shellfish (including shells)!