IMG 0118A very good nights sleep with the sea lapping outside our window. Joy.

An outing today to the nearby town of Coquimbo which boasts an enormous concrete cross dominating the town to comemorate the millenium. The crossbar viewing platform is 90m above the ground and contains several busts of church worthies (archbishops and popes). The metal parts are rusting badly. It may not last despite the amount of concrete and steel in it.

On to Andacollo, over 1000m high in the hills to the SE. The road is the big attraction and the huge wooden cathedral. 

The countryside is hot and dry with vast irrigated areas growing grapes, olives and other undetermined orchards.

On the return one of our party got lost in the complicated and busy town of Ovalle so we left our guides to retrive him and relied on Doreen, who surprisingly knows of matters South American, to return us to our lodgings in Tongoy for a well earned shower and drink.

The others went back to El Ray for dinner but our fish the previous night was only ok and we felt we might do better elsewhere.

TIMG 0117here are a number of cafes along the beach and lacking any other criteria we went in the one where the man said it was "very good". Regrettably this was the full extent of his English.

Pleasingly our man was actually right and it was in fact pretty good. He also suggested that I should have the fish with a "salsa".A sauce containing various sea food which added a few dollars to the price but made it very tasty indeed.