IMG 0115The internet is fitful as is our nights sleep and an earthquake sets the building swaying as we get up. Interesting.

Moreover the power is on and off like a dunny door in a gale leading to our electronic door key not working so it's up and down two flights of stairs half a dozen times. Muck sweat!

The bus arrives to take us to the container terminal at 10:30 and you have probably never seen such a shambles but it's pretty quick to get in and get the bikes assembled. By 1pm we are ready to roll however that was too easy.  The buggers keep us waiting for 2 hours or more to let us out into the madness that is Vina del Mar. Dirt track, dust, etc etc then back to the hotel where they have promised a power outage between 5 and 6. Unsurprisingly this does not happen.

Back at the hotel there is only time for a bit of blogging, a very serious repack (or two) before heading off on the motorcycles tomorrow, a shower, a haircut for me and finally a team dinner in the hotel.