IMG 0104Hugo suggested we rent a car so we are now temporary possessors of a little red Suzuki 4wd.

Google says that dawn is conveniently set for 8:10am so it's not too much hardship to go to see the sunrise over the moki (stone statues). Needless to say it's dark and we take the wrong turn arriving only minutes before sunrise. Good enough. Although the colours were dramatic the camera rather beefs them up. Looks pretty go though. 

I'd been thinking a slap up breakfast to follow however Easter Island thinks differently, everything is shut tight on Sunday mornings except for a bakery which sells a sort of pasty, tuna and cheese can you believe. Actually not bad with a watermelon juice.

IMG 0105Mary had been wanting to see the turtles that were rumoured to be in the little harbour and with much hurrumph from me we trotted down. You can see from the picture who was right. We were both very surprised at the size though. It was huge.

Hugo had missed several statue sites and suggested we could do a bit more sightseeing on our own before ending up at the beach at the North end of the island for lunch and a swim. The advice was sound although the lunch (a sandwich) took forever but the swim was bliss.IMG 0107

Overall Easter Island has fully lived up to our expectations. Hopefully they will take care of it, it would be very easy to ruin with too many tourists. It's very remoteness (and my word it is remote) may save it. Let's hope.

Tomorrow back to Santiago (5 hour flight)

For dinner it was back to La Kalata for an excellent fish dinner after returning our little red rental car. I have eaten nothing but fish since being here, Hugo says that resturants are only allowed to sell todays fish here. I believe him.