IMG 0088Nasty touch of the trots for us both in the night, I reckon there was a little lake water involved in the lunch on the boat. Apart from the trots, the room being very hot and the street noise (sirens, thunder, trucks, etc.) we got a pretty good nights sleep for a change but we are very much looking forward to spending the night at sea level, or indeed anything below 12,000 feet.

Our Guide for the day, Raynaldo, meets us at 9 and we head off for a city tour. The traffic is as bad as last night and the entire city is a incomprehensible shambles. The tour includes, the cathedral, the gold museum, a couple of other museums, the black magic market, the "valley of the moon" and a lot of sitting in traffic.


IMG 0090Reynaldo buys us some pasty like things (saltiados?) for lunch which are really nice but a tad messy, the filling is liquid.

The airport is something else again, crowds, queues and we are clearly going to be late however Raynaldo is clearly an expert queue jumper and bingo we are checked in. There is still the emigration issue to resolve with only one person on duty this time and everyone has to wait. And wait.

Did I mention how nice Puno is?

Anyway off to Santiago (late night arrival) with Easter Island tomorrow. 


Arrived without incident at the Holiday Inn at 11pm. Astoundingly they are able to provide beer and pizza. Joy!