IMG 0078A much better nights sleep, probably because we were exhausted!

The hotel breakfast was pretty much gone by the time we got down for breakfast. The Hacienda hotel leaves a little to be desired. 

Our trip this morning is to the floating islands made and inhabited by the Lake Titicaca natives. Apparently the population of these islands is in decline due to the attractions of the big city. Certainly having seen these places I can understand that, there is a lot of upkeep and unless reeds are your thing not a great amount of variety in life.

The biggest upside is that they pay no tax. As the guide pointed out, anytime they like they can just up anchor and move off. You'd never find them again. Sounds pretty good to me but reeds...... there are a lot of them.

Anyway they were very friendly and although they obviously wanted us to buy stuff seemed quite genuine. As you can see Mary has gone native and has decided that this could be the life for her. Not.

Maybe it is because it's the off season and they are not being overrun by tourists that we were welcomed or perhaps they realise this is the future of thier income anyway In time this will turn into a theme park which will be a great loss.

IMG 0079Back at the hotel it's time for lunch (a kind of pasty, cheese cake, etc).  a bit of a wander around, look inside the cathederal and the like.

We've given our laundry to a hole in the wall woman  who guarantees rapidez service. By 7:30 tonight. If she's wrong the laundry will be lost as we have a 6(ish) departure in the morning to Bolivia.

Shortly we will be meeting the Condor Bolivian agents who will hopefully have arranged to put back our itinerary by one day. Mary is set to  explain this to them so I think they need to watch out!


Another good dinner (same place) and early to bed. The Transturin rep arrives late but assures us that all is well for the morrow and a 6:30 pick up. There is even a phone call to confirm.