IMG 0076Rubbish nights sleep with much to'ing and fro'ing on the phone with Condor Travel who want to reorganise the next few days because of "disruption in La Paz".  We finally read until it's time to get up.

Our man meets us at 6:45 and confirms that all is well and that arrangements are in hand and puts us on the tourist bus with a stewardess and guide as well as a driver. All in all very comfortable and less than half full.

The bus makes several stops at Inca remains (you can get too much of this, one Inca ruin is much like another), a church, a museum and various other bits. They have a DVD on board of Peruvian music (more bloody pan pipes) and a bunch of musos poncing about in "inca" costumes. Fate smiles on me as I have my noise reduction headset in the bag, Problem solved. Mary is not so lucky.


IMG 0074Overall the trip is a very good way of seeing quite a few interesting sites and confirms that this Part of Peru is very like Nepal with much poverty any very few finished buildings. Fellow passengers include an interesting Canadian couple in Peru for two weeks who make good lunch companions.

Finally arriving in Puno at 5:30pm (it's a dump btw) the man from Condor greets us with the news that we will be going straight through to La Paz tonight. I am able to assure him that he is wrong and that will not be happening. There is no way we are getting on a bus tonight. The rarefied atmosphere at 4000m has us both feeling light headed.

Worst case if the clods at Condor can't sort our onward travel then we will. In the meantime we are going for a lake cruise tomorrow morning on Lake Titicaca. Man made floating islands beckon.

The top Tripadvisor and Lonely Planet resturant (Mojsa) is next door and turns out to be not bad and quite cheap. We're in bed by 9!