IMG 0058Another broken nights sleep ends with the alarm call. Today is much cooler than yesterday and it looks like rain in the air.

Our guide for the day, George, arrives at 9am to take us around the nearby Inca ruins. This is a fascinating morning and George is clearly very knowledgeable on the subject. Most of the ruins are down to a few metres high but you just cannot fail to be impressed by the precision and size of the stone blocks.

The tour includes the cathedral which in itself is an impressive monument. There is also clearly quite some understandable resentment of the Spanish by the native Peruvians. 500 years is clearly not a long time in their history.

IMG 0059George suggested the Inca Museum in town for a look in the afternoon, not world class but it gives a small insight into the long history of the people of the area.

We finally stop for a welcome cup of tea and a bit more quiet time back in the hotel.

The very good news is that LAN have found our bags and brought them to the hotel so we will have rain coats and clean undies for our trip to Machu Pichu tomorrow. Hurrah!

One of today's tickets included a "native cultural" show. This turned out to be folk dancing in a rather tired theatre with new(ish) LED lights with only 4 settings red, blue, green and all - a sort of white.

IMG 0063The shall we say dramatic lighting changes coupled with lengthy pauses in the programme while the cast changed costumes made the show very tiresome indeed. As a bonus we slipped out to find it was raining and had the experience of one of the local taxis.

Due to the lateness of our escape we opted for dinner back at Deva which was once again first rate for the Peruvian cuisine and we both thought pretty good.