IMG 0056The Novotel do a very good breakfast after a somewhat fitful nights sleep due to the time change. Being only across the road makes it easy to be in good time for our 9:40 flight to Cusco.

Of course our bags did not arrive on our plane. Despite being checked through to Cusco from Auckland we are told that we should have collected them in Lima (we had waited there but when the bags did not arrive and we looked at the coupon it unequivocally showed that they had been checked through). Local knowledge apparently.

Several forms in Spanish later we escape the airport and our patient greeter, Robertson, takes us to the next Novotel. He's promised to check on our bags but even optimistically we are not expecting them today. Some hand washing of smalls is in order and a new T shirt for me. Luckily we have two nights here.

First impressions of Cusco are chaotic traffic, warmer than we expected, mid 20's and the altitude 10,500m makes it hard to breath. The buildings are all low rise with several churches, lots of touts and many tourist shops. The tourist density is not too bad thankfully and it looks like they have been put of by the "rainy" season.

IMG 0057Lunch at a restaurant in the main square, Limo, is rather more than we expected, quantity and content. Alpaca is not hugely nice and hamster (a local delicacy) is very fatty as you might expect. A wander around quickly procures some socks and a hat and some pharmacy items so we are set for another 24 hours without our bags.

A quiet time and a siesta are called for.

No photos as the cord to the camera is also in the bag......

Dinner next door at the highly recommended Deva is excellent although the place is empty apart from us. On the plus side this means that we have Eddie to ourselves and we have a long and illuminating talk to him about Cusco and his home in the Sacred Valley.