TView from the Manorhree weeks, 7,000km, all sorts of weather, interesting and varied company and a fascinating country. The roads are great for motorcycling, the tar ones anyway, and there is little or no traffic in most parts. Hard to ask for more really.

View from the Manor

You can really see why people live here, it's a great place for the wealthy or even the not that wealthy, as property, wine and food are all cheap as chips even by NZ standards let alone those of the UK. Cheap labour to do stuff like clean your house, fill the car and fix the gardens must be a great perk too.

On the downside the climate is a bit too windy for my taste and I'll just bet the summers are very hot. The serious con though is the security issue. You'd be forgiven for locking everything and being suspicious of the large gatherings of black people in the towns. Eventually you'd just want to get out.

I think you can perhaps see why Zimbabwe went pear shape. The black leaders must have been desperate to achieve some results for 'their' people. Continued failure to transfer at least some wealth from white to black will eventually get just plain unacceptable. The approach Mugabee took is clearly wrong but actually it's a complicated problem and his simple solution was lots of things but mostly just plain daft. He just destroyed the wealth rather than transferring it.

The future for South Africa? Good question, SA has lots going for it and a very solid infrastructure but the poverty is pretty unspeakable. The present financial crisis seems not to have hit home here yet but if there's a substantial economic downturn then it will presumably hit those at the bottom of the heap?

For me though it's been everything I'd hoped for and then some. It seems to have gone by very quickly.

The final word must go to Infinity Motorcycles in Farnbrough. Not only did they stand by the Joe Rocket gear they replaced the trousers with new even though the old ones had been given a fair amount of wear.  I suspect the zip is still made of old Budwiser cans but themsthe breaks.