CavortingMet the team on arrival at the Hampshire House and waled down to the local pub. A very pleasant evening.

The first day's ride is a little bit follow me for the out of Cape Town bit and we all seem to run at much the same pace when we are turned loose.

The baboons were not in residence at the coffee stop back at Betty's Bay but we heard about them. Apparently they are pretty destructive and if it's not tied down it's going to be gone.

Lunch at Hermanus was interrupted by whales cavorting in the sea just outside, something I've not seen before, we stopped again in the town and there were at least five just offshore. They are hard to photograph but I've done my best with limited resources. 

Southern tipOnward to the shipwreck museum at Bredasdorp. Seems this coast is as treacherous as can be and many many ships met their ends here.

Five pm finds us the southern most tip of Africa, Cape L'Agulhas and an lovely b&b with internet. The blog gets updated I hope! Then a richly deserved beer!

Later: The Gizmo application on the phone works well and I was able to make an internet phone call back home over the internet for cents rather than the dollars of the last one