img_5618Bit of a late start after meeting up with friends for coffee in the morning.

You quickly run out of superlatives to describe the drive. I passed on travelling on highway one up the coast and went back the way, I came though the centre (Springs Junction and Murcheson), where the roads are quiet and mostly fast. There's no getting stuck behind stuff as there are lots of overtaking opportunities at least for a bike. Just fantastic.

Finally the weather has become warm, requiring the removal of several thermals around lunchtime, this is more what I had expected. The high cloud built up through the afternoon but seemed to get warmer.

It has to be said that the bakery in Culverdon does do spectacular pies, it's a a somewhat rural town (OK village) with little else to obviously commend it.

img_5621One thing I did discover is what became of the NZ air defence force. The skyhawks look like they are in bags at Woodbourne, not obvious to me how that saves money but I am sure our ex PM can explain it.

Looks like it will be wet tomorrow.