img_5526Still overcast and cold this morning. Bruce's thermometer suggests 18 degrees but that is very hard to believe. A little drizzle falls on the way into Christchurch and that is enough to convince me that additional purchases are in order.

Manchester Street is the place with at least four motorcycle outlets. For no particular reason I pick the Suzuki dealer and a young lad there sells me some winter weight gloves and a full body bag with arms and legs that I feel sure makes me look like the Michelin man but in black.

The gloves are completely adequate but only with the heated grips on full, and they do get hot, Mr BMW has that well worked out. The body bag also does the business but is overly warm when stationary, by which I mean sweaty.

Driving the bike with three layers of thermals, the jacket and liner, the full body bag and the heavy weight gloves is more of a trick. It has all the sensitivity of a dive suit but is at least warm. img_5530

By Geraldine the sun has fortunately come out to play and the weather is warm enough to dispence with the bag.

The rest of the drive is fantastic, the McKenzie is truly the most scenic area in New Zealand and quite probably the world (except for the pylons). The road is fast, predictable and in the main smooth and the biggest hurdle is to keep the speed to a level where you could explain to the boys in blue why they should not tear up your license. You are at once torn between keeping driving and stopping to take pictures. Basically motorcycling nirvana, but not I suspect on a wet day.