img_5513Still raining this morning, not hard but not nice. A wander into town for breakfast and to read the paper is called for. By 9:30 the morning is not so bad and I head off just before 10.

The weather seems to be worse along the coast so a spur of the moment decision takes me on the inland route through Murcheson and Hamner Springs. This works out pretty well as it's mostly dry and in parts sunny, albeit a little cool until I get to Hamner Junction, a cafe/gas station just before the Lewis Pass where the cloud clags in and it's drizzling and has been for two days.

The ride was really good and the scenery spectacular but I just got too cold. The difference between the North Island weather and the mountains is hard to fathom. I gather temperatures have been in the 30's and now they would be in the low teens. I may buy new gloves (at least) in Christchurch before I proceed.img_5514