img_5504The predicted rain fills the Hutt Valley. This morning rush hour is the pits in the rain although it's still quite light. I arrive at the office somewhat damp and with too many cloths on for inside. Luckily I am able to find 20 minutes to nip out and buy a new pair of shoes.

Todays ferry is the Interislander, who say you must be there at least one hour before sailing. I am there a bit before that and as far as I can see the one hour requirement seems to be for no purpose other than their convenience, There's not even a ferry there. The worst part is there is absolutly no shelter for motorcyclists except for a tiny shed filled with trash. Not bloody good enough.

Did I know it was Wine Festival weekend in Marlbrough? No. The rain and fog on the crossing get steadily worse and my plan is img_5508to stay as near to the ferry as possible but this turns out to be a piece of wishful thinking. There is no accommodation in Picton and only with luck do I stumble upon he very excellent '171 on High' in Blenheim (

Joe Rocket's cloting does not cope at all with the deluge for  the 26km to Blenheim. I just get soaked and cold! Luckily Ian and Chris at 171 on High are motorcycle friendly and have good facilities for drying out.

Chris recommended (and booked) dinner for me at Baccus, which turned out to be a good choice with quick service and excellent food. Glad to say it stopped raining while I walked into town, probably because the motel lent me an umbrella.


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