img_2228Driving 3855kms in three weeks is too much and did not give us enough time to see many of the sights. That said we found it was long enough in the camper we had selected as the setting up each night and morning was becoming very tiresome.

The Bungle Bungle, Mitchell Falls, various gorges, Diggers Rest and the Northern Beaches were all among the highlights of our trip. We had splendid company and met many, many, wonderful characters among the Australians. It has quite changed our view of the country which had been hitherto limited to the big cities of the east coast.

The only real downside to the trip was the clapped out vehicle (see Camper World rentals) which gave us some trouble and cause us to have to cut our itinerary here and there.  It's by no means a cheap holiday with fuel, food and other services very expensive in this part of the world.

img_6444This should be a must see destination for the more adventurous traveller. Sure, there is a lot to go wrong and the vast country is seriously inhospitable and could easily turn on you, it's a long way to go get help.

Both trucks broke down at least once, got bogged at least once and one of us even hit a kangaroo, any of which could have been much more serious. There is no cellphone or other coverage except satellite phones and you are dependent on fellow travellers, if any, should there be any need to summon assistance. That said with careful planning and giving thought to what you are doing all should be well. We could have been better prepared in places.

For the less adventurous there are bus tours travelling to all the major sights and flights are an option for the better off. Personally I think you'd miss a lot as the scale, remoteness and emptiness of the country is part of what makes it so spectacular and this means you need to travel through it. You would also miss the interaction with the many Australians who live and travel in this area and really make the place come alive. At least they did for us.

sta_6851Finally I'd suggest you go before they tar seal the Gibb River Road as that will open it up to serious commercialism which you can see is only partially being kept at bay.

Perth on the other hand has been pretty disappointing as a tourist destination, I'd go back to Fremantle like a shot but Perth and the surrounds? Just another Australian city. Hard to see why you'd bother.

Ayres Rock is more of a footnote and was worth a visit although it's pretty expensive for effectively an overnight trip. It's well done but not a patch on the Bungles