img_6946We made an early escape from the dis-Comfort Inn, they were less than interested in our complaints, the man said he “would tell housekeeping”, sure - that'll fix it. The airport is far more welcoming and we had a scratch breakfast in the Qantas lounge, updated email and put some more stuff onto the blog.

Sails in the Desert is very much better than I'd been led to believe by various reviews on the Internet, our standards may have been compromised by the dis-Comfort Inn but I don't think so.

AATKings at Ayres Rock are very organised and you can feel that the sights are “products” and the customers are definitely being 'processed', you can almost feel the plastic wrapping.
We had a couple of hours to kill and explored the 'shopping centre', the work of but a few minutes as it is extremely small and as far as I could see exclusively selling very expensive things that you never knew that you needed.

Not withstanding this we found the Sounds of Silence dinner gave us a very enjoyable and interesting evening. Our fellow guests were from a range of backgrounds and countries and the staff were unstinting in ensuring that the wine kept flowing.