img_6933Woke in the night very cold as the air conditioning seems to have run amok and to the sound of the people next door having an endless shower. Actually they were blameless, it was raining, hard. Sleep from this point was fitful and I kept thinking about how badly rain would have affected us on some of the roads we have covered.

The only other point worth covering is the woefully misnamed Comfort Inn Bel Eyr in Perth. It rates down past the Travellers Rest encountered some weeks ago, mostly as Mary and I were bitten in the night, we suspect the worst; bed bugs. Ugh!

Even without the unwelcome visitors in the night the un-Comfortable Inn is set in a run down industrial wasteland with a selection of fast food outlets just down the road. It really is a place to avoid.

The redeeming highlight of the evening was the Aquarium Seafood Chinese Restaurant nearby on the Eastern Highway. It seemed like a long shot but better than the hotel restaurant however we had a first rate meal, far more than we could eat but superb food and, for Perth, not badly priced.

Here is the Comfort Inn's response we're not convinced