img_6925We had to spend a bit of time clearing up the camper first thing before it got too hot, even so it was  warm work but since it's so small it didn't take that long. A proper English cooked breakfast on the beach was slightly marred by the flies that came out with the sun but was otherwise a perfect end to our trip.

St Vincent's op shop in Broome did well from our store of canned goods that were unused and a visitor to the shop scored our barbecue, must have been her lucky day. Alfred back at the shop we bought the barbecue from had offered to buy it but today he said he had left his money behind. Yeah Right.

img_6932A nice lunch at Blooms (we had breakfast there before we set out on this trip) was followed by the details of checking into the hotel and returning the transport of delight back to Tim. It seems odd to part with our home of the past three weeks but my word a bit of space will not go amiss.

The laundry facilities at the Mercure Inn are a bit rumpy but we got most of it done and had dinner at Matso's again. It should be said that Matso's is very busy but the food really is very ordinary, it has the big advantage that it's just over the road from the hotel.