img_6901A very quiet start to the day with no pressure to be anywhere in particular. We decided to skip the muesli and opt for a breakfast at the cafe we stopped at last time but I still didn't get the name of.  The food was good but the coffee somewhat sad. Pity, it would be an easy fix.

Curiously the bottle stores don't open until noon which means that we are short of a bottle of wine for tonights meal. Not a disaster but we'll go into Broome to fix it.

The drive to Broom is uneventful in the heap and we have a wrap at the Land of Pharaohs kebab house, like the last one it's excellent. We are able to get a bottle of wine and some more bits at Coles and head to the Northern Beachs, img_6914by way of Cable Bay, this latter has a surf life saving club and is somewhat crowded by our standards.

Quandong turns out to be an isolated and empty pristine beach where you can camp for up to three nights at private spots in the dunes. There are no facilities but there are none needed, just so long as you have your own spade.

We opt for a high spot with a view of the sea and have a the best view of the sunset with a couple of drinks and a campfire to give a cheery glow. Just a magic place.