img_6821Bell Gorge is just as good as many of the rest that we have seen, a very pretty walk to get there followed by a little under an hours walk, some of it rather rock scrambly. The Swim is very welcome  and we linger there for an hour or so, finally getting underway at 11ish.

Despite getting a good review from Brigit, we had to pass on the Lennard Gorge there just isn't time to get there and do enough of the 500 or so km remaining before Broome. We are also a bit anxious about the 'transport of delight', it's still surging despite it's new fuel filter and at any time we feel it could conk out again.

img_6847Over a very nice lunch in a charming rest area by a river (Sand Fly Glen) we decided to skip Windjana Gorge (having seen it before) and pass on Birdwood Station and go directly to Derby to watch the sunset at the town wharf. The drive still took quite some time and we arrived at the Kimberley Entrance Caravan Park at about 4:15pm.

A pause for a quick but very hot and welcome shower before we drove up to the wharf for a couple of drinks watching the sunset, a fantastic view. The tides here are over 10 metres with huge flow. People were out fishing for barramundy and all sorts or promenading.

img_6877Mary talked the nice people at the Point Restaurant and Takeaway into letting us in despite them being closed for a private party. We talked with our host Phil and a kiwi couple who are working here (both teachers) who are on a really good deal from the Australian government, you just could not do what they are doing back in NZ. It's no wonder there are so many Kiwis in Oz, we really need to lift our game.

The meal by the way was excellent (WA Snapper and chips).