img_6808What a cold night, the temperature dropped for the first time since we have been here, in the end my thermal top came out, far too late to be of use. No matter, the morning is another cloudless affair and looks set to be warm. We'll make an early start to avoid the heat of the afternoon, I hope.


The walk to the Manning Gorge suggests it is 1.5 hours, that is more reasonably each way time as it took us over an hour to get there. It is very much worth the walk, not as good in my opinion as the Mitchell Falls but a very well worth while visit and a great place for a swim and picnic. Great fun as you have to drift your stuff over the river in styrofoam boxes to get to the start of the walk.

Adcock Gorge is another worthwhile place to stop for lunch and another swim. In many ways nicer as the 5km 4wd track means you get it to yourself.

img_6819The rest of the day was spent driving to the Bell Gorge camp site and setting up camp. They have a great shower here, these are becoming very important, a swim is one thing but a hot shower after quite another. The camp sites at the Bell Gorge seem to be closed so the only option is now Silent Grove. It's ok, but pretty busy, glad we are not here later in the season.

Our other truck rolls in about dark, they have visited Bell Gorge and are planning a run back to Broome tomorrow. Via yet another gorge. Lynn think it will take seven hours driving. We'll go and look at Bell Gorge then try and make up about half that distance.

We have a little visitor in the long grass next to our camp site. A little furry thing a bit like a hamster. It may be a quoil?