img_6768The road has not improved much despite the sterling work of the grader man, there is just endless miles of corrugations, dust and banging about. The truck has started a new noise which I am sure is a bad sign but we fillally trace one of them to the number plate that has worked loose. I jam it up with sticks to quieten it down a bit but that just reveals the other sounds.

Lunch is a departure from normal and we have a burger at Drysdale Station as recommended by Brigit. It is excellent. We can't however get fuel as their deliveries have been delayed so we defer that and buy a few supplies for the next couple of nights and carry on after Mary has had a chat with Annie. They are a really nice family leading a life that must be very tough but they take it all in their stride.

img_6767Mt Manning has us refilled with very expensive diesel and camping at the manning River camp site. They have some graphic pictures of accidents that have occurred on the road. A charming French girl who is working there points out one of them that was their car, it hit a brahma bull at night with no bull bars. Terminal for both the car and I gather the bull, luckily not the occupants, it has however disrupted her travel plans more than a little. The message is clear, drive slowly, or not at all at night.

While we are setting up camp, some of the kids we have met come over and tell us that our friends are here, no, surely not, you must be mistaken, but they're right. I have no idea how they will get to Broome for Wednesday but I guess that's not my problem. We swop experiences over drinks. We are all planning to visit the Manning Gorge tomorrow and then on to Bell Gorge tomorrow night, we'll see how that goes, there is a great deal still to see.